Student Development Award

Student Development Award

PAAA Procedures

The award will be advertised in the PAAA newsletter and included in the PAAA webpage. A note regarding the award should also be included in the IAA newsletter. Copies of the application can be obtained from the PAAA President and are available on the webpage.

The PAAA Student Development Award is available to all students of Aerobiology in all PAAA countries. Students and their supervisors must both be PAAA members. Previous winners of the award are eligible only if they are pursuing a different degree than the one they were pursuing when they received the previous award.

DEADLINE for Travel Awards for the 2018 PAAA Spore Camp
February 9th, 2018

A three member panel, whose combined expertise covers nearly all areas of aerobiology, is to be appointed by the executive committee at the time of election of new PAAA officers and for an equal term. The PAAA President will send a copy of the applications to the evaluating committee who will rank the applications by evaluating the qualifications of the student, the importance of the proposed project in enhancing the student’s development, and the likelihood of significant contribution to the science of aerobiology. If a member of the evaluating committee has a student applying for the award, the PAAA President will serve as the reviewer for that student’s application. The committee is responsible for selecting awardees and informing the President. The Chair of the PAAA Student Development Award Committee must verify with the Membership Secretary that both Supervisor and Student are paid up members of the PAAA. The candidates will be informed by the President normally within one month of the application date. The President shall inform the treasurer of the recipient of the award and provide details as to the address and date the award is to be issued. The President will send letters of regret to the other applicants.

The recipients of the award will be announced in the PAAA newsletter, and a short summary of the student’s activities will be listed.