Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting Information on the PAAA Web Page

Submitted by Michael L. Muilenberg, June 1999
Approved before revision by the General Membership Jun 1999
Revised 1 Nov 1999
Submitted to the Executive Committee 2 Nov 1999

These guidelines apply to all information posted on the PanAmerican Aerobiology Association's Web page (

The following items require no approval and can be posted on the PAAA Web site by submitting the information to the Webmaster:

  • Position postings (related to aerobiology)
  • Meeting announcements
  • Classified-type advertisements (for things aerobiological)
  • Publication announcements
  • All information in PAAA Newsletters with the exception of minutes and financial reports
  • Links to members personal pages
  • Links to sites of manufacturers, distributors, or other supplies (at the discretion of
    the Webmaster)
  • Links to Aerobiological Consulting Groups having a PAAA member as owner or
    party with a major interest (on a page with a disclaimer stating that listings do not
    imply endorsement by the PAAA)
  • Other items determined by the Executive Committee or General Membership

All other items/pages require notification and approval of the Executive Committee. Such items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Research summaries
  • Critiques of publications, research, or other works
  • Equipment evaluations
  • Editorials
  • Links to other Web pages

The submitter is responsible for sending the information to the Webmaster in a format acceptable to the Webmaster. The Webmaster will distribute the information, or a reasonable summary thereof, to all members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will have 10 days to review the information and send their “acceptance” vote or “rejection” vote (along with comments) to the Secretary. If three or more Executive committee members object to the content, the material cannot be posted and the Webmaster will notify the submitter. If the material is rejected, the submitter can revise the information and resubmit it. If two or fewer Executive Committee members object to the material, the Webmaster will post the material. Copies of all correspondence will be sent to the Secretary.

Any material that is posted on the Web is subject to review by the Executive Committee. Any PAAA member can initiate such a review by sending a request ("complaint"), with specific objections to either content or format (location, level of prominence, position, etc.), to the Secretary (or any Executive Committee member). The Secretary will distribute the complaint for review to all Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee will have 10 days to review the material on the Web page, and send their comments to the Secretary. If three or more Executive Committee members agree with the complaint, the Secretary will notify the Webmaster and the material will be removed or modified to address the items in the complaint. The Webmaster will also notify the party the submitted the original material that the information will be deleted from the Web site unless it can be modified to address the objections in the complaint.

All communications should be copied to the Secretary. All exchanges of information between Executive Committee members regarding these "official" matters will be archived by the Secretary and available for review by any PAAA member by submitting a written request to the Secretary.