PAAA Officer Responsibilities

Pan-American Aerobiology Association
Executive Committee Position
Guidelines and Responsibilities

Proposed June 2004 (ver:4 Jun 04)


  • Represent PAAA in all aspects, especially in its relationships with other institutions,associations, etc.
  • Chair the EC and General Membership (GM) meetings.
  • Responsible, with assistance from the Executive Committee (EC), for the direction andactivities of the organization, including:
    • Ensure that annual meetings run smoothly and efficiently
    • Propose action items to be completed.
    • Form a proposed budget for each year of office.
    • Initiate and fosters communication between EC throughout the year.
  • Prepare a report of activities for annual general meeting
  • Prepare a list of PAAA activities for the IAA Secretary General (every four years). To be
    given to the Sec. Gen. before the IAA meeting.
  • Review meeting minutes (from Recording Secretary) before distribution to PAAA
  • Act as center of communications for student development awards (SDA).
    • Receive applications from applicants
    • Forward applications to SDA chair.
    • Receive decision from SDA chair and informs recipients and sends regrets to others.
    • Instruct Treasurer to write and send a check to the recipient.
  • Respond to requests for information from internal and external sources (with assistance of Recording Secretary and Membership Sec./Treasurer).


  • Oversees/updates PAAA "structure":
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Bylaws
    • Policies and Procedures
  • Work closely with the President on action items and oversight of committees.
  • Prepare a report of activities for annual general meeting.
  • Take over responsibilities of the President (become "Acting President") if the President is
    unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities.

Past President

  • Coordinate a smooth transition between ECs. Ensure that unfinished tasks and on-going activities from past EC are transmitted to new EC.
  • Chair of the Nominating Committee.
  • In collaboration with President, propose futures avenues for PAAA activities.

Membership Secretary/ Treasurer

  • Maintain membership lists, with up-to-date contact information, mailing addresses, and
    dues payment history.
  • Receive and record PAAA membership applications and dues.
  • Organize and produce a membership directory at least every other year.
  • Manage PAAA finances
    • Maintain bank account; balance account monthly
    • Deposit dues and other income.
    • Pays bills for approved documented expenses.
  • Prepare (or contract for preparation) annual tax statement; obtain audit if necessary.
  • Send PAAA dues notices in January of each year; sends reminders mid-year.
  • Prepare a report of activities, including an annual balance sheet, for annual general meeting.
  • Communicate with International Aerobiology Association (IAA) Secretary General.
  • Send a list of new members to IAA Secretary General by April and October of each year for IAA newsletters in June and Dec.
  • Send a copy of the entire yearly membership to the IAA Secretary General by November 1 along with a dues payment ($18 for each member not already an IAA member through another association, plus $1 for each PAAA member).
  • Update the IAA Secretary General of any changes of officers for the PAAA including all contact information.

Recording Secretary

  • Take the minutes EC and GM and other meetings (submit minutes within 30 days to President for review). Amend in consultation with President and other meeting attendees; file in PAAA official documents.
  • Respond to inquiries from internal (PAAA) sources; if regarding PAAA committees, direct to Vice-President; if regarding finances, direct to Treasurer.
  • Responsible for PAAA archives.
  • Prepare a report of activities for annual general meeting


  • Maintain a dedicated PAAA website. A basic knowledge of html or other Web language is useful (web pages can be produced with Microsoft word or other more web-specific software).
  • Make sure the PAAA web page guidelines, " Guidelines for Posting Information on the PAAA Web Page " are followed.
  • Make sure that Namesecure website pointing charges and registration fees are paid. Pay monthly website charges. The Webmaster is entitled to set the website on a different server.
  • Update and enhance the website, with input from the EC, as necessary.
    • Update with society events and changes.
    • Keep list of upcoming meetings up-to-date.
    • Update information from individual members (job postings, etc.)
    • Add and update information from other aerobiological sources.
  • Update membership dues form from year to year. Update SDA and other forms as needed.
  • Prepare a report of activities for annual general meeting

Newsletter Editor

  • Edit & publish a newsletter twice a year, at regular intervals, preferably in early fall (with news of the past annual meeting) and late winter (with information on the upcoming annual meeting).
  • Solicit and receive information for the Newsletter, including, but not limited to:
    • PAAA members activities.
    • Articles, reviews, etc.
    • Information regarding Aerobiology in the Americas.
  • Request updated membership lists (or labels) from the Membership Secretary for Newsletter mailings.
  • Send to Webmaster any information that should be made available to PAAA members in between newsletters that is appropriate for a web page.
  • Prepare a report of activities for annual general meeting

At-Large Members

  • Actively promote PAAA, and aerobiology in general in their area of influence, to increase PAAA membership and conference attendance.
  • Represent the needs, concerns, interests of their country, geographic area, or area of influence/expertise, to the PAAA as a whole.

Student Development Committee Chair
(Non-Executive Committee Position)

  • Receive applications from the President.
  • Distribute applications to committee members for recommendations.
  • Set a deadline for review of applications within approx 2 weeks.
  • Check the membership status of applicants (consult Membership Secretary).
  • Receive recommendations from committee.
  • Teleconference if there is any disagreement regarding recommendations.
  • Determine recipients and inform President of the committee's decision.
  • Prepare a few words to announce the award at the annual meeting.
  • Coordinate with President on preparing a certificate for the awardee.
  • Inform webmaster so that names can be added to the website.
  • Make inquiries as to whether committee members wish to be replaced.
  • Make recommendations to President if any committee members need to be replaced,
    before annual general meeting so that committee members can be assigned