PAAA 2018 – 2021 Executive Commitee

After a successful annual meeting and spore camp, we are proud to introduce the new executive committee for the 2018-2021 term!

Position Elected Member Contact Information
President Christine A. Rogers University of Massachusetts – Amherst |car@ehs.umass.edu|
Past President DeWei Li The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Valley Laboratory |dewei.li@ct.gov|
Vice-President Rajiv R. Sahay Pureair Control Services, Clearwater, FL
Secretary/Treasurer Michael L. Muilenberg Aerobiology Instruction and Research, LLC |mmuil@umich.edu|
Recording Secretary Lawrence Syzdek
Communications Secretary Mike Saleh Sporometrics Inc. |msaleh@sporometrics.com|
At Large Members Paul Comtois

Honorary Members

Those who have made special contributions to the organization and the field of Aerobiology:

Member Member Member
Dr. Harriet A. Burge (2010) Dr. Paul Comtois (2010) Janet Gallup (2010)
Dr. John Haines (2006) Mary L. Jelks, M.D. (2004) William R. Solomon, M.D. (2001)