Aerobiology Conferences

Gordon Research Conference
Mycology of the Built Environment

The first Gordon Research Conference on the Microbiology of the Built Environment is taking place on July 15-20, 2018 in Biddeford, Maine. The conference will include expert speakers, poster sessions, and an interactive agenda – all focused on the ecology, control, and positive and negative health impacts of microbes, viruses, allergens and biotoxins in buildings. |Learn More… |


Mark your calendars for October 4th to 7th 2018! The PAAA is hosting the Summer Spore Camp at Montérégie, Québec. In association with Université de Montréal and AgriQuanta laboratoire environnemental, attendees will be able to experience the beauty of the Montérégie région, the most fertile agricultural region of Québec and the center of its Sugar Maple and Wine production. | More information |

Upcoming Conferences from Around the World

11th International Congress on Aerobiology

This year the 11th International Congress on Aerobiology will be taking place in Parma, Italy from September 3-7 2018. ICA is a good opportunity to acknowledge the state of the art of this multidisciplinary scientific branch. Topics of the Congress will include all things aerobiology from Agricultural applications, Allergens, Environmental, to Indoor Monitoring. For more information please visit the ICA2018 website

11th International Mycological Congress

The International Mycological Association invites you to participate in the largest fungal biology congress. This year the congress will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico from July 16-21. For more information please visit the IMC11 website

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