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The Pan American Aerobiology Association (PAAA) is an assemblage of individuals with diverse scientific backgrounds and expertise who have a common interest in the sources, dispersal, and deposition of airborne biological particles. The organization was officially constituted in June 1989 during the Second Canadian (and first Pan-American) Symposium on Aerobiology. The PAAA is an associated organization of the International Association of Aerobiology (IAA) and acts as the representative of the IAA in the Americas. Please join us!!


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12th European Course on Basic Aerobiology
July 20-26, 2015, Rzeszow, Poland

8th Advanced Course on Aerobiology
August 16-22, 2015, Siauliai University, Lithuania 

PAAA Meeting and Spore Camp
August 23-26, 2015 Petersham, MA

6th European Symposium on Aerobiology
European Aerobiology Society
July 8-24, 2016, Lyon, France

11th ICA
September 3 -7, 2018, Parma, Italy

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