Last updated: March 7, 2012

"Mary Jelks" Student Development award

The Pan-American Aerobiology Association is pleased to announce its scholarship program to support studies in aerobiology. The Mary Jelks Student Development Awards are given annually to students for the purposes of support of fieldwork, travel costs for visiting other laboratories, courses at other institutions, or travel to conferences. Up to two awards will be granted annually of $500 each.

Eligibility: The PAAA Student Development Award is available to all students of Aerobiology in all PAAA countries. Students must be PAAA members. Previous winners of the award are eligible only if they are pursuing a different degree than the one they were pursuing when they received the previous award.

Basis of the Award: The application will be evaluated on the qualifications of the student, the importance of the proposed project in enhancing the student’s development, and the likelihood of significant contribution to the science of aerobiology.

To Apply: click on Part A,B & C to print off forms

Part A: to be completed by the student, and a summary of how the award will be used is to be appended.
Part B: to be completed by the faculty supervisor, and a statement of the student's potential is to be appended.
Part C: to be completed by the host faculty member (if required)
Part D: a copy of the submitted abstract if apply for a conference (if required)

The faculty supervisor will send all forms to the President of the Pan American Aerobiology Association.

Deadline: Applications should be received no later than April 1. Evaluation of applications will occur within two weeks and notification of awards will be sent by May 1.


2010 - Nicole L. Abel, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

2008 - Raymond Borges Hink, Universidad del Turabo, Caguas, Puerto Rico

2008 - Godenee Cervantes Flores, Universidad del Este, Carolina, Puerto Rico

2006 - Abeer Khattab, College of Engineering and Nat. Sci., University of Tulsa, USA

2005 - Joël Hobeila, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

2004- Erica Kuehne and Chaina Bapikee, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

2003 - Bonny Lynn Dodson Dearborn, George Mason University, Prince William Campus, Virginia USA

2002 - Leticia Tejera,Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay

2001 - Ginette Leclair, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

2001 - Maria Gabriella Murray, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina

2000 - Scott Laursen, Dept of Botany, University of Wyoming, USA

2000 - Eva Salinas, Centro de Ciencias de la Atmosf. UNAM, Ciudad Universaria, Mexico

1999 - Véronique Séguin, Dept of Geography, University of Montreal, Canada

1998 - Carol Rao, Dept of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health, USA

1998 - Rebekah Craig, Biological Science, University of Tulsa, USA

1994 - Beatriz Escamilla Garcia, Dept of Geography, University of Montreal, Canada

1993 - Ching-Wen Chang, Dept of Environmental Health, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, USA


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