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Past Conferences

Aerobiology 2014, Sidney, Australia
22-26 September, 2014. Organizer: Connie Katelaris

Aerobiology 2013, Toronto, Canada
29-30 July, 2013. Organizer: James Scott

Aerobiology 2012, Merida, Mexico

3-5 June, 2012. Organizer: Irma Rosas Pérez

Aerobiology 2011, San Diego, California
4-8 August, 2011. Organizer: Robert T. Reid III

9th ICA 2010, Bahia Blanca, Argentina

23-27 August, 2010. Organizer: Maria Gabriela Murray

Aerobiology 2009, Kansas City, Missouri
29 July - 1 August, 2009. Organizer: Charles Barnes

Aerobiology 2008, Amherst, Massachusetts
16-19June , 2008. Organizer: Christine Rogers

Aerobiology 2007, University Park, Pennsylvania
8-13 June 2007. Organizer: Annalisa Ariatti

8th ICA 2006, Neuchatel, Switzerland

21-25 August, 2006. Organizer: Bernard Clot

Aerobiology 2005 Tulsa, Oklahoma

2-5 June, 2005. Organizer: Estelle Levetin

Aerobiology 2004, S. Diego, California
17-19 June 2004. Organizer: Janet Gallup

Aerobiology 2003, Chicago, Illinois
10-13 June 2003. Organizer: John Shane

7th ICA 2002, Montebello, Quebec, Canada

5-8 August 2002. Organizer: Paul Comtois

Aerobiology 2001, Raleigh, North Carolina
16-19 June 2001. Organizers: Charles Main and Beatriz Escamilla-Garcia

Aerobiology 2000, Albany and Renselaerville, New York

28-30 May 2000. Organizers: John Haines and Christine Rogers

Aerobiology 1999, Tucson Arizona

29-31 May 1999. Organizer: Mary Kay O’Rourke and Mervi Hjelmroos Koski

Symposium on Aerobiology, St. Louis, Missouri

International Botanical Congress
3 August 1999.

6th ICA 1998, Perugia, Italy
August 31- September 5, 1998.

Aerobiology 1997, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard University campus. Organizers: Michael Muilenberg and Carol Rao

Aerobiology 1996 with 9th International Palynological Congress, Houston, Texas
23-28 June 1996. Organizers: Mary Kay O’Rourke, Estelle Levetin, Mervi Hjelmroos

Aerobiology 1995, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Organizer: Estelle Levetin

5th ICA 1994, Bangalore, India
10-15 August 1994

Aerobiology 1993, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
19-21 May 1993. Organizer: Irma Rosas

Aerobiology 1992, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

9-11 June 1992. Organizer: Christine Rogers

Aerobiology 1991, Ann Arbor, Michigan
19-21 June 1991. Organizers: Michael Muilenberg and Harriet Burge

4th ICA 1990, Stockholm, Sweden
27-31 August 1990

1st Pan-American Aerobiology Association Symposium in association with the 2nd Canadian Symposium on Aerobiology and Health. 1989, Ottawa, Canada
7-9 June 1989. Organizer: Hari Vijay

1st Canadian Aerobiological Conference: Aerobiology, Health, Environment. 1988.
Organizing meeting of the Pan-American Aerobiology Association. Montreal, Canada 1-3 Jun 1989. Organizer: Paul Comtois

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